4 Reasons Why Building Your IT Team With Rockship Is A Smart Move
4 Reasons Why Building Your IT Team With Rockship Is A Smart Move

Between the thrill of scaling up a business and the stress of limited resources, you know your tech team is the key to success or failure. But hiring and managing top tech talent is challenging and expensive. What if you could tap into a pipeline of vetted engineers at a fraction of the cost without the hassle? Rockship is your answer.

Rockship's solution

Rockship makes outstaffing easy by providing you instant access to a vast network of tech talent. Their rigorous screening process ensures you get engineers with the skills and motivation to build your remote dreams.

Rockship’s recruitment process is simple.


  1. Tell Rockship about your technology roles and requirements. Specify skills, experience level, workload, budget, etc.
  2. Our experts in various industries will help you translate and convert your requirements with local and technical insights.
  3. Rockship provides profiles of qualified candidates using our AI tools. We will review the options and set up an initial meeting with them to walk them through everything about our service and make sure they are ready for the next step.
  4. You can personally interview the selected candidates to choose those who suit your business the most.
  5. Once you find the team members you want to work with, Rockship formally onboard them as part of your team. We will handle contracts, payroll, benefits, and all legal requirements. From this point, you can manage and direct your new team members day to day while Rockship provides ongoing support. Scale your team up or down as needed to match workloads and budgets.

Why choose outstaffing service at Rockship?

1> We build your IT Team in weeks, not months

Our vast talent pool has the majority of tech stacks covered, so we can assemble an IT team in weeks using our advanced talent-matching system powered by AI. Usually, it only takes us up to 30 days to select a list of top candidates for your review.

2> We got you talents that deliver

Our rigorous AI-powered selection process connects you to the most qualified candidates with the skills you need. The AI tool will not only screen through the resumes and pick who are the best, but it will also rate each candidate’s potential to rank the most promising ones. Our definition of “promising” is broader than just traditional definitions, encompassing not just qualifications but also cultural alignment, motivation, and an expansive growth mindset. The criteria will be modified according to the job description so that every candidate's potential is captured to the fullest, paving the way for boundless opportunities.

3> We offer a cost-efficient, all-in-one solution

Our solution is comprehensive, from requirements conversion, and office setups, to insurance, payroll, and more. Unlike traditional hiring, you do not have to deal with multiple employee contracts. The only contract you have to make is with us, and we will handle the rest. This also means that you only pay for the hours worked, and other departments of your company, like HR or Finance, will not have to handle anything.


4> We Provide Team-Changing Options

We know that getting stuck with underperforming team members is a terrible thing. Thus, we guarantee staff replacement for up to two roles to ensure you have the team that will drive your project to success. The detailed policy about performance review and replacement will be discussed and agreed upon in our consulting session before signing the contract in order to best suit your needs.

Start Building Your Dream Team Today With Rockship

With Rockship's vast network of world-class engineers and seamless hiring process, you will have everything you need to assemble your dream team. You can stop wasting time and money filtering through piles of resumes and focus on growing your business. Rockship vets candidates for skill, experience, work ethic, and team fit, so you get matched with developers who will hit the ground running.

If this sparks your interest, schedule a free consulting session with us to start building your powerhouse team today.