AI-Powered User Interviews: Rockship’s Secret Weapon for UX Design
AI-Powered User Interviews: Rockship’s Secret Weapon for UX Design

Have you ever had a traditional user interview that felt a bit like navigating a maze of social dynamics and potential white lies? We've all been there! But guess what? Rockship have AI-powered tools that can help you counter those limitations. Say goodbye to those awkward moments and elusive feedback – Rockship is here to revolutionize the way we approach user interviews in the realm of UX design. But how exactly does our AI work, and what does it enable their UX designers to achieve? Read on to discover the power of AI-powered user interviews.

How Rockship Uses AI to Automate User Interviews

AI-powered user interviews are Rockship’s secret weapon for gaining valuable insights into user needs and behaviors. Here’s how we leverage artificial intelligence to conduct impactful user research:

1> Question Generation

Rockship will help you generate interview questions based on a blend of existing questionnaires, project objectives, and natural language processing. By combining information from various sources, our AI creates questions aimed at eliciting helpful responses from participants.

2> Conversational Interviews

With the help of AI-powered chatbots, Rockship conducts interviews that flow like natural conversations. These chatbots guide participants through interactive discussions, ask follow-up questions, and ensure the conversation stays on point. It's like having a live interview experience, but with AI at the helm.

3> Real-Time Insights

As participants engage with Rockship's AI chatbot, the AI instantly crunches the data in real-time. This means users can pinpoint trends, attitudes, and key takeaways on the fly.

4> Seamless Analysis

AI's data processing capabilities enable Rockship to swiftly analyze large volumes of interview data. This acceleration in analysis empowers quicker decision-making in the design process.

5> Personalized Follow-ups

The chatbot takes things a step further by sending personalized follow-up questions based on participants' initial responses. This level of engagement delves deeper into specific user behaviors and motivations.

Unveiling the Power of AI-Driven Interviews


Traditional interviews demand extensive manual effort in generating questions and analysis. These chores are automated by AI, freeing up priceless human resources for more strategic initiatives. Rockship's AI can generate interview questions, conduct conversational interviews via chatbots, analyze responses in real time, and generate follow-up questions—all automatically. This means you can interview more participants without increasing cost or effort.

Reduce Bias

Human interviewers can introduce bias, whether consciously or not. People tend to remember stuff a bit wrong, or make their actions sound a bit more impressive than they were. And let's be honest, sometimes they tell little white lies just to handle social situations. The tricky part is, all this can mess with the info you're working with, which then messes with how your product is shaped and how it works. But Rockship's AI chatbots ask questions and engage with participants in a neutral, consistent manner; and the best part is interviewees no longer have to deal with social interaction since they're talking to "a robot". Thus, AI-powered interviews are likely to generate more honest, unfiltered feedback.

Increase Scalability

AI-powered user interviews supercharge UX design scalability. By automating interview processes, AI conducts parallel interactions with a broad user base, swiftly gathering insights. This scalability not only expedites the data collection process but also enhances the statistical significance of the findings, leading to more accurate and well-rounded design decisions.


With the capability to operate 24/7, AI-powered interviews eliminate the constraints of scheduling and time zones, ensuring a global reach and enabling a diverse pool of users to participate at their convenience. Traditionally, analyzing interview results and identifying key insights could take weeks or months. But with Rockship, this process can be narrowed down to days. Moreover, you can even get real-time insights and analysis.


With the inclusion of AI, Rockship's approach has contributed to fostering a platform for more honest feedback, broader participation, and quicker, data-driven design decisions. If you're looking to build products people can't live without, AI-driven user research is the way to go. Rockship is pioneering a new frontier of UX design, and who knows? Maybe your favorite app's killer feature was inspired by one of our AI-powered user interviews. Check it out here!