Top 5 Companies to Look for Outstaffing in Vietnam
Top 5 Companies to Look for Outstaffing in Vietnam

Outsourcing and outstaffing have been popular choices for many companies looking to build their IT teams for the past few years. The rise of technology and the need for talented developers and engineers have made this industry even more popular among businesses globally.

If you're in the market for building your own tech team from scratch or adding to your already-existing one, then Vietnam is an excellent place to start. This Southeast Asian country is one of the fastest-growing tech destinations in the world, and this is reflected in the sheer number of its skilled and experienced tech talents.

In this blog post, we'll take a look at the top companies to outsource and outstaff your IT team in Vietnam.

Why Should Companies Outstaffing in Vietnam?

Youthful and Tech-Savvy Population

One of Vietnam's most significant assets is its young and energetic population. With a median age of around 30 years, the country boasts a demographic advantage that many developed nations envy. This youthfulness is combined with the hype of IT in Vietnam, where the government has invested heavily in digital infrastructure, skills training programs, and incentives for tech companies. These initiatives are creating opportunities for youth to pursue tech jobs. In 2020, the number of laborers in the Information Technology sector was 1,030,000 people, accounting for 1.88% of the total workforce in Vietnam. Compared to the year 2000, this figure has increased twentyfold (Source: '20 năm phát triển công nghệ thông tin và triển vọng đổi mới mô hình tăng trưởng của Việt Nam' by Tuổi Trẻ Online)

Low Costs

Vietnam offers a winning combination of low labor and operating costs coupled with high-quality technical skills. The country's competitive advantage lies in its substantially lower labor costs compared to other Asian nations, such as China. Office space, utilities, and tax incentives further contribute to cost-effectiveness for tech companies.

Good English Communication Skills


Vietnam has an excellent workforce known for its proficiency in English communication. More than half of the people in Vietnam (about 53.8%) can speak English. Only two nearby countries, Singapore (with 61.08%) and Malaysia (with 60.3%), have more English speakers proportion. In Asia, Vietnam is after only four other countries: Singapore, Malaysia, India (with 58.21%), and South Korea (with 54.52%) (Source: 'Vietnam among easiest countries for English speakers to visit' by Vietnamnet). The country's technical professionals work diligently on enhancing their communication skills, making them the ideal communication partner.

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What To Look For In An IT Outstaffing Vendor?

Choosing the right IT outstaffing vendor can be a transformative decision for your organization. In this process, several key factors demand careful consideration to ensure a seamless partnership that drives growth and efficiency.

Technical Expertise and Skillset

The foundation of any successful outstaffing engagement lies in the vendor's technical expertise and the diversity of skillsets they can offer. A winning vendor should have access to a vast talent pool of professionals with expertise in various tech stacks. This ensures that your organization can find the exactly right match for your project requirements, whether it's web development, mobile app development, data science, or cybersecurity.

Time to Ramp Up

Efficiency is a paramount concern when partnering with an IT outstaffing vendor. The vendor's ability to rapidly onboard professionals can significantly impact project timelines. Look for vendors who have a streamlined and well-defined onboarding process. A vendor that can quickly understand your needs, identify suitable candidates, and facilitate their integration into your project can save valuable time and resources.

White-Collar Services Offered

Beyond technical expertise, evaluate the vendor's capacity to handle administrative tasks associated with remote staffing. A reputable vendor should offer white-collar services such as managing payroll, handling insurance, and ensuring compliance with legal requirements. This relieves your organization of administrative burdens and allows you to focus on the core aspects of your project.

Communication and Collaboration

Effective communication and collaboration are critical for the success of any outstaffing engagement. Since remote teams bridge geographical gaps, the ability to communicate clearly becomes even more important. A strong command of English is often a requirement, as it is the lingua franca of international business. A vendor should provide professionals who can effectively communicate with your in-house teams and stakeholders, ensuring that project goals and expectations are aligned.

Location and Time Zone

While technology has made the world smaller, time zone differences can still pose challenges. When selecting an outstaffing vendor, consider their location and its compatibility with your organization's operating hours. Ideally, the vendor's location should allow for at least a few hours of overlapping work time, enabling real-time communication and collaboration.

Data Security

In the era of increasing cyber threats, data security is a non-negotiable aspect of any IT partnership. Your outstaffing vendor will likely have access to sensitive project information and intellectual property. Therefore, it's essential to assess the vendor's commitment to data security and their measures to safeguard your confidential information. This includes the implementation of robust cybersecurity protocols and adherence to industry standards and regulations.

Top 5 Companies to Outstaffing in Vietnam

1> CodeNinja

With over 7+ years of industry experience, CodeNinja has partnered with 100+ companies to revolutionize their IT team, ranging from SMBs to enterprises. Specializing in IT staffing, they offer comprehensive solutions for software and product engineering, UI/UX design, testing, and DevOps roles.

CodeNinja's commitment to quality is evident with a screening process that selects only the top engineers, architects, and IT consultants from over 1 million annual job applicants. They have a strict process for tracking performance with KPI-based progress, ensuring that the team is heading toward its goals. Their prowess drives digital acceleration, making them the go-to partner for sourcing the right talent for diverse hiring needs, from short-term tasks to senior-level positions.

What to expect from CodeNinja

  • KPI-based progress
  • Frequency reporting
  • Transparent cost structure
  • Developers are focused on a single project

2> RootStack

Offering a cost-effective approach that ensures scalability at your fingertips, Rootstack streamlines the recruitment and onboarding process, swiftly aligning your needs with the right technology experts. Seamlessly integrating with your existing workflow, their IT Staffing team becomes an extension of your workforce, directly reporting to your management. What sets Rootstack apart is its commitment to teamwork, harmonizing diverse talents, tools, and strategies to meet objectives. By infusing your team with specialized software developers, they fortify your workforce with unparalleled expertise. With the flexibility to adapt to your company's requirements, regardless of time, and operating within your time zone, Rootstack's IT Staff Augmentation propels productivity, project acceleration, and ultimately, exceptional outcomes.

What to expect from RootStack

  • Bilingual Team Assurance
  • Senior expertise
  • Same time zone

3> Innowise

Innowise Group is your go-to destination for dedicated developers who can bring your project to life. Their adept team possesses the expertise to tackle any software project comprehensively. With a blend of skill and creativity, they ensure flawless execution, even for the most intricate tasks, all within your specified timeline.

At Innowise, top-tier software engineers proficiently wield a diverse array of programming languages and frameworks, from React, Angular, Vue.js, Java to Python, Ruby, Cobol, Rust and more. This versatility empowers them to tailor your project to match any level of complexity or desired technology stack.

What to expect from Innowise

  • Fast-paced team assembly (as little as 3 days)
  • Continuous professional growth support
  • Low staff attrition rate
  • Wide range of tech stacks

4> InApps

InApps, a leading IT company in Vietnam and Southeast Asia, offers high-performing offshore development teams to clients worldwide, including the US, UK, Europe, Singapore, and Australia. Boasting a talent pool of 500+ tech experts in Vietnam, InApps meticulously selects professionals who align perfectly with client needs, whether for mainstream or specialized technologies.

Hiring offshore developers through InApps brings forth an array of advantages: 80% of their software developers is English-proficient and 90% have over 5 years of experience. InApps nurtures a unique program that transforms talents into a dynamic SWAT team, ensuring effective collaboration. You can save up to 65% with their Dedicated Team Solution, leaving you free to concentrate on your core strengths, while InApps handles projects with transparency and a commitment to excellence. With the client's triumph as their guiding light, InApps empowers you to select and manage the best-suited talents, promising a journey marked by shared success and underpinned by their proven professional process and warranty-backed commitment.

What to expect from InApps

  • 2-week free trial (when clients hire a team for at least 6 months)
  • Rigorous selection process
  • Monthly evaluation

5> Rockship

Rockship revolutionizes outstaffing with its AI-powered approach, making tech talent acquisition a breeze. With a vast network of skilled professionals, Rockship rapidly assembles IT dream teams in a matter of weeks, not months. Their cutting-edge AI talent-matching system curates top candidates within 30 days, covering an array of tech stacks.


What sets Rockship apart is its focus on quality. The rigorous AI-powered selection process goes beyond resumes, assessing candidates' potential, cultural fit, motivation, and growth mindset. This unique approach ensures that you're not just hiring qualifications, but individuals who resonate with your company's ethos. Plus, Rockship's holistic solution covers everything, from requirements conversion to payroll, streamlining operations, and freeing HR and Finance departments from additional burdens.

Rockship also stands by your success with team-changing options. They offer a two-role staff replacement guarantee to ensure your project's success. With detailed policies discussed in consulting sessions, Rockship aligns its services precisely to your needs.

What to expect from Rockship

  • Low time to ramp-up (within 1.5 months to start)
  • Seamless AI-powered selection process
  • Holistic solution (payroll, insurance, and legal issues management)
  • Team-changing Option

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Vietnam is a thriving tech destination with a vibrant IT industry. The combination of a skilled workforce, cost-effectiveness, and excellent communication makes it an ideal choice for companies seeking to outsource and outstaff their IT departments. By leveraging the expertise of Vietnam's IT professionals, companies can build strong and successful tech teams while focusing on their core business objectives. As you explore your options, keep these companies at the forefront - they are dedicated to reshaping the way you build and nurture your tech workforce.